Top 9 Leaders in the Prescription Natural Killer Cell Therapy Market

Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy is an emerging frontier in the battle against cancer. It represents a significant paradigm shift, utilizing the body's innate immune cells to target and destroy cancer cells. This promising field has seen rapid growth, with numerous companies developing innovative therapies. Below, we spotlight the top companies making strides in the prescription NK cell therapy market.

Natural Killer Cell Therapy Market was Estimated at USD 248.66 Million, and its anticipated to Reach USD 569.19 Million in 2031, with a CAGR of 31.79% During the Forecast Years.

1. Glycostem Therapeutics BV

Glycostem Therapeutics BV is pioneering the development of off-the-shelf NK cell therapies. Their advanced platform leverages stem cells to produce NK cells, aiming to treat various types of cancer with a scalable and accessible approach.

2. Nkarta Therapeutics, Inc.

Nkarta Therapeutics has a focus on combining the power of stem cell technology with the innate wisdom of NK cells. They are working on engineering NK cells that can be more effectively targeted to cancer cells, enhancing their natural ability to fight tumors.

3. Fate Therapeutics

Fate Therapeutics is at the cutting edge of immunotherapy with its induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) platform to develop NK cell-based treatments. Their approach offers a consistent and potentially more potent alternative to donor-derived cells.

4. Fortress Biotech

Fortress Biotech is involved in developing innovative cancer therapies. Their commitment to NK cell therapy research is seen in their support of companies within their portfolio working on the next generation of cancer treatments.

5. Affimed N.V.

Affimed N.V. harnesses the natural potential of NK cells through their proprietary ROCK® platform to engineer antibodies that enhance the activity and sustainability of these immune cells within the tumor microenvironment.

6. Celgene Corporation

Celgene Corporation, now a part of Bristol Myers Squibb, is involved in several collaborations to push forward the development of NK cell therapies. Their extensive research and development resources are propelling NK cell therapy to new heights.

7. Nantkwest Inc.

Nantkwest is notable for their 'off-the-shelf' NK cell therapy platform. They're developing a range of products designed to harness the power of NK cells to combat cancer and infectious diseases.

8. NKT Therapeutics Inc.

NKT Therapeutics focuses on developing therapies targeting natural killer T cells, a subset of the immune cells that exhibit characteristics of both NK cells and T cells. Their work aims to create treatments that provide the benefits of both cell types.

9. Ziopharm Oncology Inc.

Ziopharm Oncology is actively engaged in cell therapy, with a focus on advancing the field of gene-engineered T cells and NK cells. Their research includes leveraging the Sleeping Beauty transposon system to enhance cell-based therapies.


The prescription NK cell therapy market is driven by companies that are not only dedicated to advancing cancer treatment but are also committed to the research and development necessary to bring these innovative therapies to market. With each company's unique approach, from Glycostem's stem cell-derived therapies to Fate Therapeutics' iPSC innovations, the industry is witnessing a surge in potential treatments that could dramatically improve patient outcomes.