Top 9 Innovators in the Prescription Maternal Health Market

Maternal health is a critical concern worldwide, and with the advent of digital health technologies, there's been a significant improvement in the care provided to expectant and new mothers. The following companies are leading the way in the maternal health market, providing innovative solutions to support both healthcare providers and mothers throughout the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Maternal Health Market was Estimated at USD 636.71 Million, and its anticipated to Reach USD 1536.46 Million in 2031, with a CAGR of 34.13% During the Forecast Years.

1. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare has long been a prominent name in medical technology, and their maternal health solutions are no different. With advanced ultrasound systems and fetal monitors, they provide healthcare professionals with the tools necessary to monitor the health of mothers and their unborn babies effectively.

2. Koninklijke Philips N.V

Philips is known for integrating technology with healthcare to improve patient outcomes. In maternal health, their offerings include mobile obstetric monitoring solutions that enable early detection of potential complications, ensuring timely care for mothers and infants.

3. K2 Medical Systems

K2 Medical Systems is dedicated to improving maternity care through their comprehensive maternity information systems. Their solutions facilitate the management of antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care records, thus enhancing the quality of care delivered to mothers.

4. Meridian Health Informatics

Specializing in healthcare IT, Meridian Health Informatics offers systems that streamline the workflow for maternal health care providers. Their tools are designed to manage patient data efficiently, improving the overall quality of maternal care.

5. AS Software Inc.

AS Software focuses on providing ultrasound reporting and image management solutions that are vital for maternal-fetal medicine. Their software assists in detailed fetal evaluations and in creating comprehensive reports that support clinical decision-making.

6. PeriGen, Inc.

PeriGen provides advanced perinatal software solutions that utilize AI to detect early signs of labor risk. Their systems are crafted to help clinicians act on data-driven insights, contributing to safer births and healthier mothers.

7. Clinical Computer Systems

Known for their OBIX Perinatal Data System, Clinical Computer Systems delivers a full-spectrum solution for labor and delivery units. Their system provides continuous monitoring and assessment of the mother and fetus during delivery, enhancing patient safety.

8. Natural Cycles

As a modern approach to family planning, Natural Cycles offers a fertility tracking app certified for contraceptive use. The app uses algorithms to predict fertile windows, empowering women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

9. Cerner Corporation

Cerner is a giant in healthcare information technology, and their maternal health solutions help providers manage pregnancies with a data-centric approach. Their electronic health records system is equipped with tools to track and manage the health of mothers and their babies comprehensively.


The prescription maternal health market is enriched by the efforts of these companies to provide innovative, technology-driven solutions. From the advanced imaging capabilities of GE Healthcare and Philips to the AI-powered analytics of PeriGen, these top players are enhancing the standard of care for mothers and babies. With an emphasis on accessibility, efficiency, and data-driven care, these companies are setting new benchmarks in maternal health, leading to better outcomes and a brighter future for families worldwide.